• Ice Storms and Block Chain Technology

    Ice Storms and Block Chain Technology

    Winter was slightly more challenging for me this year.  There had been a few too many snow and ice storms and the days before this photoshoot were spent shoveling, thawing my ice box car and digging it out of it's position at the top of my driveway (pouring boiling hot water around tires works quite well I've discovered). That being said, I was blessed with this semi warmish day with Nitin Sood, PMP, Director of Block Chain Development at Highmark Global and on this day, the ice was not against me but worked with me (hooray!!) for the theme of my photoshoot, which was literaly Block Chain (in this case blocks of ice chained together) to help visualize the technology that will accompany the article.

    Big thanks to Nitin for being such an incredible sport.  His first winter in Canada and he left the office without his coat, excited that it was such a mild day!  I'm so very grateful for his positive and braving the cold energy.  Big thanks to Ramon Vasconcelos (who is also experiencing his first winter in Canada) for his assisting help and enthusiam.  Very thankful nobody fell since we were all balancing ourselves on sheets of slippery ice!!  Here are some outtakes from our time together.

  • CAPIC Xpose 2019 Exhibition

    CAPIC Xpose 2019 Exhibition

    Excited to have some work selected for inclusion to the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC's) Xpose 2019 exhibition.  Its been a while since I've shown anything in a gallery space.  As a mom to a busy 7 year old and an editorial/commercial photographer,  work and family life has pretty much taken up all my time.  However this ongoing personal series that I've been working on since fall 2018 entitled, You Made My Heart Break has been a complete joy to work on and I can't wait to see my beautiful, strong and brave Heartbreak ladies up on the wall!  I'm truly thankful for each of them and for sharing their stories with me.  In an age of the perfect life selfies, this project is near and dear to my heart and a continuation of my own work that I did of my own heartbreak more than 13+ years ago.   If you are free and available for a few hours on Thursday, May 23rd from 6:00pm - 10:00pm come join us for the opening gala at The Papermill Gallery at Todmorden Mills Heritage Site, 67 Pottery Road, Toronto, ON M4K2B9

  • The Future is Female

    The Future is Female

    Big thank you to Eleana the photo editor at El Pais in Spain for assigning me to photograph Raquel Urtasun, the head of Uber's ATG (Advanced Technology Group) division that is pioneering the research and development of the self driving car industry here in Toronto. 

    Raquel's impressive academic and award winning research in the area of computer vision, robotics and machine learning also holds a position as a professor at the University of Toronto.  I really love getting the chance to work with someone like Raquel who is not only passionate about what she does but who is also a visionary in a unique field.  She is a pioneer in an industry that is about to change the way in which we use vehicles in the near future, making for safer more efficient roadway travel.

    Super proud she happens to also be a female!! Whoot whoot!! I always like to think that the future is female!!  Here are a few outtakes that didn't make the final tearsheet. Thank you to Ramon for the photos assisting!  For link to the article in Spanish click here:

  • My Photoshoot for New York Times

    My Photoshoot for New York Times

    I only had 20 minutes to photograph Tony and Grammy award winner Daveed Diggs at Album Studios in Toronto but in that time he and I bonded over the Bay Area, struggling artist memories and key family proud moments.

    For the NYTimes article, click here:

  • Seat at the Bar

    Seat at the Bar

    Dear Blog, I'm so sorry I've abandoned you.  I took a bit of a break with some back issues last year and now just getting back into the regular swing of things.  Wanted to say a big thanks to Virtuoso Life Magazine for assigning me to my first travel magazine segment! The magazine unfortunately had to cut the print to half it's usual size, so I'm just lucky that this piece stayed in. I spent a good part of December and January photographing city vibes and staying away from Christmas decor and snowy sidewalks. The feature was all about Toronto's cocktail scene, a subject matter that I can really appreciate and get into! Thanks for letting this mama get out and experience some of the city's wonderful establishments. 

    Shameful Tiki Room, the tropical warm vibes and attention to detail is so authentic and fabulous, I felt so at home and nostalgic.

    Cote De Boeuf, intimate French wine bar and restaurant on Ossington.  

    Barchef, a sleek and innovative cocktail bar with a creative and multisensory selection of drinks 

    Bellwoods Brewery, one of the first craft beer breweries in Toronto with award winning ales

    and the Spirit of York in the distillery district

  • Fall


    some BMO images released and a few fall pics in the warm autumn sun

  • Cottage Vibes

    Cottage Vibes

    Thanks to a dear friend for hosting us at her family's beautiful cottage, a few pics from our 24 hour mini vacay

  • New Work - Campus Life

    New Work - Campus Life

    A few newly released images for an Educational Client's stock image portfolio

  • Enroute to East London

    Enroute to East London

    I'm overdue to upload blog posts, a few shots of our time with cousin Cory who showed us around his area in East London, a little family bonding time in the city!  Cousin Scott, we missed you on this outting!

  • Leading the Argonauts' Latest Voyage - Advantage Magazine

    Leading the Argonauts' Latest Voyage - Advantage Magazine

    Big thanks to Advantage Magazine in Chicago for assigning me to photograph Michael Copeland, CEO of the Toronto Argonauts. A fellow Western Alumni, we bonded over old London Ontario hangouts, adventures in parenting, traveling and what he envisions for the future of football and the waterfront in Toronto. Online article is here: and another big thanks to Chris Dowswell for all your assisting help!

    A few outtakes are below: