• Ashley Murphy Photoshoot for Poz Magazine

    Ashley Murphy Photoshoot for Poz Magazine

    Every once in awhile I get an incredible opportunity to photograph someone extremely special.  Special to me is someone who has overcome challenges and has beaten all the odds.  A few months ago, Poz Magazine from NYC sent me to Ajax to photograph one such incredible person, Ashley Murphy.  Ashley was born with HIV and at 6 weeks old was diagnosed with AIDS, she was infected by her birth mother who was addicted to crack and alcohol.  Her foster parents were told that she only had a few weeks to survive, however here she is today, a vibrant young energetic honours student, a motivational speaker educating people about HIV and helping to decrease the stigma of HIV.  

    I'm incredibly inspired and amazed by Ashley's bravery.  People of all ages can learn from her, her confidence and look to her as a role model.  Thank you Ashley and Kari (Ashley's adoptive mother) for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me into your life to photograph you and to personally hear your story.  You are my superhero and I'm inspired to keep overcoming the obstacles and challenges that present themselves to me and go for my dreams. Big thanks to Robin for all your assisting help!  

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