• The Future is Female

    The Future is Female

    Big thank you to Eleana the photo editor at El Pais in Spain for assigning me to photograph Raquel Urtasun, the head of Uber's ATG (Advanced Technology Group) division that is pioneering the research and development of the self driving car industry here in Toronto. 

    Raquel's impressive academic and award winning research in the area of computer vision, robotics and machine learning also holds a position as a professor at the University of Toronto.  I really love getting the chance to work with someone like Raquel who is not only passionate about what she does but who is also a visionary in a unique field.  She is a pioneer in an industry that is about to change the way in which we use vehicles in the near future, making for safer more efficient roadway travel.

    Super proud she happens to also be a female!! Whoot whoot!! I always like to think that the future is female!!  Here are a few outtakes that didn't make the final tearsheet. Thank you to Ramon for the photos assisting!  For link to the article in Spanish click here: