• Ice Storms and Block Chain Technology

    Ice Storms and Block Chain Technology

    Winter was slightly more challenging for me this year.  There had been a few too many snow and ice storms and the days before this photoshoot were spent shoveling, thawing my ice box car and digging it out of it's position at the top of my driveway (pouring boiling hot water around tires works quite well I've discovered). That being said, I was blessed with this semi warmish day with Nitin Sood, PMP, Director of Block Chain Development at Highmark Global and on this day, the ice was not against me but worked with me (hooray!!) for the theme of my photoshoot, which was literaly Block Chain (in this case blocks of ice chained together) to help visualize the technology that will accompany the article.

    Big thanks to Nitin for being such an incredible sport.  His first winter in Canada and he left the office without his coat, excited that it was such a mild day!  I'm so very grateful for his positive and braving the cold energy.  Big thanks to Ramon Vasconcelos (who is also experiencing his first winter in Canada) for his assisting help and enthusiam.  Very thankful nobody fell since we were all balancing ourselves on sheets of slippery ice!!  Here are some outtakes from our time together.