• FIRST for WOMEN Magazine

    FIRST for WOMEN Magazine

    Big thanks to FIRST for Women Magazine for a great opportunity to photograph Mina Viscarci-Johnson in Bradford Ontario, whose inspiring story of losing 175lbs was a feature for their mid July publication.  I felt an immediate connection to Mina's weight loss journey as I myself had 90lbs that I wanted to shed after gaining it during my pregnancy and it has not been an easy road in taking it all off.  

    After being faced with a dire health diagnosis, she decided to change both her relationship with food and to add fitness and wellness to her lifestyle.  She now works out about 5 days a week and is careful about what she puts into her body.  Well done Mina!!  I love hearing stories and being apart of a project that could help to inspire others lead a healthier lifestyle!!

    Big thanks to Ramon Vasconcelos at for assisting and post production and to Maria Velve for her Makeup artistry and Green Beauty expertise  Some outtakes of our time together are below: