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  • Photoshoot for Getty Images for Accenture

    Photoshoot for Getty Images for Accenture

    Excited to have been asked by the great Getty Agency machine out of NYC to photograph for their client, Accenture at their new Toronto office.  The focus was to make authentic portraits of Angie Molltezi for their Corporate Citizenship Campaign.  I love working with real, passionate people who are innovating and doing great things to bring about positive change in the world.  As a Social Innovator, Angie helps to identify the difference in skills in various communities and to bring appropriate STEM programs to close that gap.  As a Future Skills Builder, Angie helps to bring technical knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving to students that will prepare them for a diverse number of next generation roles in this digital and technical age.  Gone are the days of just thinking of the traditional jobs such as a doctor or lawyer, her aim is to help kids identify their unique strengths so that they can work in a variety of careers that were not thought of before such as Robotics or Artificial Intelligence (AI), its all about identifying learner styles, passion and letting them express their true authentic selves.  As a mother to a son who is both a unique learner and whose interests are all about building and making things, this photo shoot was both meaningful and in perfect harmony with my beliefs about nurturing a childs strengths.   Here are a few outtakes from my time with Angie.  Big thanks to Ramon for his assisting and help on this.  Truly grateful for these wonderful opportunities that are so in sync with my values and for all the amazing people who have come into my life!  To read more about Accenture's Corporate Citizenship Campaign can click here: