• Enroute to East London

    Enroute to East London

    I'm overdue to upload blog posts, a few shots of our time with cousin Cory who showed us around his area in East London, a little family bonding time in the city!  Cousin Scott, we missed you on this outting!

  • Leading the Argonauts' Latest Voyage - Advantage Magazine

    Leading the Argonauts' Latest Voyage - Advantage Magazine

    Big thanks to Advantage Magazine in Chicago for assigning me to photograph Michael Copeland, CEO of the Toronto Argonauts. A fellow Western Alumni, we bonded over old London Ontario hangouts, adventures in parenting, traveling and what he envisions for the future of football and the waterfront in Toronto. Online article is here: and another big thanks to Chris Dowswell for all your assisting help!

    A few outtakes are below:

  • Positive Side Magazine

    Positive Side Magazine

    Big thanks to Positive Side Magazine for assigning me to photograph Christian Hui for the cover and profile shots. I had the greatest time meeting and learning more about Christian while photographing him in his apartment and by the AIDS Memorial in Barbara Hall Park.  Christian has overcome many obstacles and challenges in his life but has successfully become an accomplished HIV activist and works to mentor and educate others living with HIV, to read Christian's story, see article here:

    I'm truly inspired by his incredible journey.

    Thanks to Veronica for all your assisting help!

    other outtakes of our time together are below:

  • Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

    Thanks Wonderful Machine for featuring my photographic work for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, its always great to photograph people with inspiring stories and people helping to improve the lives of children and youth with disabilities.  See the full article here:

  • Feeling Florida - Gulf Coast Dreaming

    Feeling Florida - Gulf Coast Dreaming

    The Gulf Coast provided some extreme weather conditions, a tropical storm and lots of rain, but we were still able to get in some beach days and enjoy the nature and beach activities that Florida has to offer.   As you can see from the pics, I'm a bit obsessed with palm trees.

  • Kiwanis Music Festival

    Kiwanis Music Festival

    Thank you to Kiwanis Music Festival Magazine for assigning me to do a photo documentary of both teaching and performance events.  Big thanks to Veronica for all your assisting help and to Maggie Morrison for taking a little extra time during a super busy teaching day to pose for a few portraits for the magazine. Tearsheets and outtakes from the photo shoot are below.  

  • Double Vision Event Sponsored by CAPIC

    Double Vision Event Sponsored by CAPIC

    I had the pleasure of photographing Ron Boyd, a talented comic illustrator for the Double Vision's Randomly Paired Portrait Event, sponsored by CAPIC (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators).  The event is on at Todmorden Papermill Gallery from March 8th - March 20th.

    Ron's Portrait of me and Brodie is here:

    For Ron's contact and business page, please go to his facebook page,

  • Forbes Magazine Photoshoot

    Forbes Magazine Photoshoot

    Big thanks to the senior photo editor at Forbes magazine in NYC who assigned me to photograph Kik Messenger's founder, Ted Livingston in Waterloo.  Due to quite a few restrictions, I was told to only photograph Ted in a candid and natural way "fly on the wall style" while he was being interviewed by the Forbes writer, Parmy Olson who flew all the way in from the UK just to do the interview during lunch at the Bauer restaurant.  

    Thanks to Parmy for helping me to get Ted to pick up his phone which was what the photo editor wanted for the shot.  Big thanks to Chris for helping to navigate directions and photo assist. Link to online article here:

    I seem to remember a few Forbes mags growing up in my childhood home. Dad if you are up there reading another Forbes article, this one is for you and for my uncle Wayne who religiously follows Forbes.

    Some outtakes from our time together are below along with a little iphone pic of Parmy and Ted braving the winter cold.

  • Brodie's newest Tearsheet

    Brodie's newest Tearsheet

    Brodie making his latest debut on the German e-reader, Giga-Maus.  Thanks Brodie for modelling for your mama!