• January


    We decided to hit the road for a week at the start 2016 and take in a few off the beaten path excursions and maybe one or two amusement parks in Orlando, Florida.  

  • Positive Side Magazine

    Positive Side Magazine

    Big thanks to Positive Side Magazine, I love photographing people who have overcome major obstacles and who possess incredible positivity.  I recently had a great time photographing Marvelous and Esther for their profile in the magazine, both ladies were diagnosed with HIV and had lost babies to AIDS.  After seeking asylum in Canada, both Marvelous and Esther work to support other women and educate others about HIV.  Full article is here: and outtakes below, thanks Veronica for amazing energy and for all your assisting help!  xoxo Michelle

  • Happy Birthday to my little trouble maker man Brodie

    Happy Birthday to my little trouble maker man Brodie

    Well it's a good thing that it happens to be your birthday on the day that you decided to go into the fridge to pour yourself a glass of milk we will give you a disciplinary pass today.  Always wanted to know what a bag of milk looked like on the floor. Thanks my little love, you are always keeping me on my toes!  

  • Welcome to the world baby Yfke Lily

    Welcome to the world baby Yfke Lily

    So great seeing my friend and her new baby girl, Yfke Lily and combining a visit with a mini family photo session.  Brodie clearly wants to be apart of the family and photo bombed a few pics.  Congrats to the family on your new addition to your beautiful happy home!  Neeltje, as one mom to another,  I don't know how you do it all and keep it all together!  You are my hero!!

  • Tearsheets from Canadian Living Magazine

    Tearsheets from Canadian Living Magazine

    Big thank you to Canadian Living Magazine for assigning me to photograph a heart warming story of Karen and her daughter Charlie, a one year old who has had to endure a few heart surgeries to repair a misshapen heart.  With the help of a MRI, a 3D heart model was created which helped with the planning and strategy for the surgery.  Thankfully the surgeries were successes and Charlie is doing amazingly well!  It was such a pleasure working with Karen and Charlie, and huge thanks to Chris who assisted on this!  Full story is in the December Canadian Living Holiday Issue on the newstands.  A few outtakes from our shoot is below:

  • Autumn


    Thanks Veronica, (my wonderful fellow photographer, assistant and now model) for playing with me outside in the autumn leaves, just a personal shoot I did inspired by the colours of fall 

  • Fall is for Family

    Fall is for Family

    So I recently have been taking a few family photo shoots this season and photographing them in the narrative story telling style that I naturally enjoy doing.  I had a great morning with Catherine and John in the beach with their two beautiful children. We played on a pier, in the sand and in the fall leaves.   Here are a few photos from our time together.

  • October in Vermont

    October in Vermont

    October in Vermont was about celebrating love, revisiting a place that I have fond memories of, being inspired again by all things vintage and playing in nature.  Congratulations to my cousin Shayna on her engagment to Kris, so happy for the both of you. To be able to take photos of you in the place where your dad always wanted you to get married was truly a memorable moment, I loved the time that we were able to spend together.  Can't help but think he was there watching over our photo session together.  Here are a few photos of my Vermont.

  • My Latest Bookcover

    My Latest Bookcover

    My latest German translation book cover is for the a romantic comedy book by Tracy Bloom, Dienstags ist sie nie da, which apparently means, No-One Has Sex on a Tuesday.  I definitely need to pick up the English translation!  Thanks to one of my bestest and oldest friends on the planet, Cindy who has always been up for modelling in my crazy narrative stories.  Your legs inspired the whole shoot!!

  • IBM Systems Magazine

    IBM Systems Magazine

    Brodie and I became the newest contributors for IBM Systems Magazine.  Thanks very much for the great opportunity to not only photograph the feature story of Jeffrey Cassidy who along with his engineering team, uses an IBM platform to help in cancer research treatments.  I love meeting and photographing people, projects and technology making such a great difference to the world!  Thanks Chris for the assisting help on this one!

    Tearsheets and some additional out take imagery from our shoot together at the University of Toronto.  Thanks again IBM for including myself and my Brodie in the contributors section, loved being apart of the project!