• Ashley Murphy Photoshoot for Poz Magazine

    Ashley Murphy Photoshoot for Poz Magazine

    Every once in awhile I get an incredible opportunity to photograph someone extremely special.  Special to me is someone who has overcome challenges and has beaten all the odds.  A few months ago, Poz Magazine from NYC sent me to Ajax to photograph one such incredible person, Ashley Murphy.  Ashley was born with HIV and at 6 weeks old was diagnosed with AIDS, she was infected by her birth mother who was addicted to crack and alcohol.  Her foster parents were told that she only had a few weeks to survive, however here she is today, a vibrant young energetic honours student, a motivational speaker educating people about HIV and helping to decrease the stigma of HIV.  

    I'm incredibly inspired and amazed by Ashley's bravery.  People of all ages can learn from her, her confidence and look to her as a role model.  Thank you Ashley and Kari (Ashley's adoptive mother) for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me into your life to photograph you and to personally hear your story.  You are my superhero and I'm inspired to keep overcoming the obstacles and challenges that present themselves to me and go for my dreams. Big thanks to Robin for all your assisting help!  

    The Poz article is located here:

    Here are a few other photos from our time together:

  • Summer Days

    Summer Days

    Spent a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon with the family and of course I had to take a few photos of the day.  Thanks Steve and Noush for all the fun bbq festivities!  

  • 70 years of Disney

    70 years of Disney

    Had a great time watching my son's daycare put on another awesome show.  Thanks to the wonderful teachers who put this "70 years of Disney" event together and had the children practicing their parts for the last several weeks.  I wasn't sure if Brodie would enjoy performing as Dumbo (he seemed to prefer his last role as Toto) but in the end, I do think he enjoyed being an elephant.  I don't want to be a stage mom, but couldn't help take a few photos to share with friends and family.  Please note, all photos posted here is not for any type of commercial use.  

  • Student Life Project

    Student Life Project

    Last fall, I spent a good deal of time feeling like a University Student again on the campus of UofT.  I'm excited to show my latest project that I did for the Student Life group which ended up taking on an entire life of it's own, with a new website, look, brand.  Was great to be apart of such a huge project and wanted to thank the communications team for their hard work in putting together and helping to organize the photo shoots, it took me into 10 different departments over the course of 5 full days.  Big thanks to Robin for all his awesome assisting help on this one.

    The new website and work can be seen here:

    and my curated collection of images can be seen on my website link here:

  • Barbara Nadel's Land of the Blind

    Barbara Nadel's Land of the Blind

    My latest book cover of an image that I took 5 years ago while visiting Antalya, Turkey is now a book cover for British Author Barbara Nadel, entitled Land of the Blind.  So excited, I have to pick up a copy to read!!

    A bit about the book "The wave of demonstrations and civil unrest which swept across Turkey in the summer of 2013 provides the dramatic backdrop to a gripping new crime thriller from award-winning author Barbara Nadel.  Set against the 2013 uprising in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, Land of the Blind is the 17th crime thriller featuring Inspectors Çetin ─░kmen and Mehmet Süleyman and takes us deep into the heart of a restless city where old and new collide, and the fallout can be deadly."

    You can purchase your copy here through amazon

  • Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire - Karyn Filiatrault

    I had the pleasure of photographing narrative lifestyle imagery for Karyn Filiatraut an amazing real estate agent who goes above and beyond the call of duty to sell a home for her clients.  Thanks Karyn for your awesome creativity and energy and thanks Hark for assisting on this and to all the wonderful actors/actresses who participated, you were all awesome to work with! Please visit Karyn's site and the listing at

    Here are a few images from our shoot together.  Please note, all images are exclusive to her use and her use only.

  • Holland Bloorview - June 25 2015

    Holland Bloorview - June 25 2015

    I had a wonderful time photographing some of the incredible people who work and the families that utilize the services at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. A truly magical and inspirational place to be, as always thanks Robin for your amazing assisting help, thanks Claire for your art direction and congrats to the Holland Bloorview team for putting together a beautiful report.

  • Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz

    Brodie makes his acting debut as Toto in the Wizard of Oz.  I took a few photos to document the event to share with friends and family.  I'm feeling very stage mom right about now.  I must note though, all images posted here are not for any type of commercial use.  

  • Happy Father's Day Weekend

    Happy Father's Day Weekend

    Wishing all the dad's a happy father's day weekend and a special one to my beautiful husband.  I couldn't have asked for a better partner in life, thank you for everything that you do!