Due to some food intolerances, my family has made the move and commitment to going gluten free for about a couple of years now. It was a eye opening to research how gluten can cause issues with skin rashes and inflammation in the body. This move wasn’t easy in the beginning, but lucky we live in a time that there are more gluten free options and products. Every so often, I will post some gluten free and dairy free recipes here. A few more of my friends have been also making the move to gluten free as they have found that they have also become gluten intolerant and since I get asked for GF ideas, I thought I would just start adding them here. This here is one of the favourite staple dishes and so nice to have on a cold winter day! Coconut curry is a fairly easy one to make especially when you are tight on time. For this dish I chopped up 3-4 cloves garlic, some ginger, diced a white onion and cooked them in a pot and put in 1.5 tbsp of curry then added a can of coconut milk and canned diced tomatoes then boiled a couple of diced sweet potatoes and a can of chickpeas. Can add other vegetables and spinach, it’s just a great dish that we all enjoy! Try it and let me know how you like it!